Music Mix: September


A new mix for a new season. This started out as an August mix and then *poof*, somehow September rolled in. You know how it goes. Tomorrow is my little brother’s 27th birthday, so this one goes out to you, Matt.

As always, listen on Spotify or Rdio.

Inside Out Spoon
Head Underwater Jenny Lewis
From Eden Hozier
All Or Nothin’ Nikki Lane
Psychotic Girl The Black Keys
Stay With Me Ryan Adams
Atomic Bomb William Onyeabor
Title Of This Song Moses Sumney
That’s Alright Fleetwood Mac
Had It All Allah-Las
West Coast Lana Del Rey
Too Dry To Cry Willis Earl Beal

Where It Stands

I took a little unexpected hiatus from this space and it felt rather nice to not think about it, or at least it felt sort of nice to attempt to not think about it. After my last post about June, which I’ve subsequently deleted, some criticism that really bummed me out arose from what I hope and know deep down was a place of helpfulness, but with unsolicited dog advice literally pouring into my ears and eyes more than I can handle, it caused me to crumple and need to walk away for a bit. I don’t really care to talk about her progress or lack of progress in detail here and instagram too much going forward as I’ve realized it’s too personal and I have enough going on right now without helpful people accidentally being really unhelpful and hurtful. I love commiserating and sharing with other dog owners, but it’s a world that I’ve come to learn is incredibly sensitive and protective – I honestly cannot imagine how people are about human babies! So if you were enjoying reading about my progress with her, I apologize I’m going to be pretty quiet about it, but it’s what I need for my sanity.

Now, onto other things. I know it seems like I’m neglecting my former life before my new job, and it has really felt like that. It’s been three months now (where does the time go?) and I still haven’t figured out how to balance things well. My jewelry has been terribly neglected, I have these new wax pieces to refine and cast but they just sit waiting for a good solid three hours of attention. But! I have two really exciting collaborations I’m working on right now (aka killing myself on) that I’ll get to share soon – one soon, the other in a couple months. Everything will get done, I just need to learn to accept less lounging time and more productivity time – I feel like my natural state is lazy, but I’m not happy in that state ever. Sometimes my brain and body don’t communicate well. Anyway, all of this is fine because work is great. I won’t say it’s been easy – and I feel slightly hesitant to say that because I know some of my coworkers read my blog, but I try to be somewhat honest here, so. It’s been a switch from long days coding and designing websites and logos to now designing products and designs for fabric and paper that I have never done, or haven’t done since my days working at Dwell Studio so long ago. It’s been challenging, and I suffered from impostor syndrome up until really pretty recently. But I’m finally finishing up some things to their final state here and to see that I’m not the failure the voices in my head whisper so often is, well, relieving. I’m being pushed here, and I know I’ve read one too many inspirational posters on Pinterest that say you have to be uncomfortable to rise above and do great things, so I just keep pushing through the uncomfortableness and doubt to a place of greatness. Everyone here is so meticulous and doesn’t settle for anything less than really effing awesome, and while I’d be lying if that didn’t say that made me exhausted everyone once in a while, it means a better me, and us. It’s funny because Will has been pushing me to be more in that state of mind for a long time because that’s how he operates (I wish he could have a more creative job as there’s so much greatness untapped in him) and I never realized how right he was until hearing it from someone else – it probably helps that it’s coming from someone who pays me. HA! I’m turning 31 in a month and am discovering lately I am not entitled to relaxing as much as I wish if I want to make professional progress.

So, all of this to say, I’m quieter online but it’s a time of growing and transition still. I’m learning so much right now and it means neglecting things now and then, but I know I’ll return to certain things again eventually. Like this blog. I have so many songs to put in a mix right now! That will come soon. “Soon” – word of the season for me.

Weekly Music

I love love my new job, but one thing I really miss about working from home is blasting music all day for so long that I’d seek out new artists constantly. I don’t have time for that hunt these days so I feel a little behind, but have two goodies for you this week.

The new Jenny Lewis album is out, and a few people have asked me why I haven’t made a peep about it yet, being a die-hard fan and all. Here’s the thing – I’m a die hard Jenny fan, but not a die-hard Rilo Kiley fan. I was obsessed with The Execution of All Things in college as it was right for a specific time in my life, and I’ve grown to love Under the Blacklight – but I separate that from Jenny Lewis’ solo work, it’s different to me and satisfies a different part of me musically. So when I first heard Jenny’s new album, The Voyager, I immediately thought it sounded more like a Rilo Kiley album than her other solo work. It wasn’t as raw and soulful, much more of a pop album, and it took me quite a few listens before I loved it. And I do! I love it, but it just took some time before I recognized its power and layers. There are only two songs that haven’t completely grown on me, but I don’t skip past them and know it will probably happen eventually. My favorite song on the album is the opener, “Head Underwater”, but I couldn’t find audio for it, so I’m sharing my second favorite, “She’s Not Me”, featuring my favorite Swedish sisters, First Aid Kit, on backup vocals. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see her live again in less than two weeks!

I keep hearing about alt-country singer Nikki Lane and her new Dan Auerbach-produced album, All or Nothin’. I’ve always had a love for alt country ladies – Caitlin Rose, Jessica Lea Mayfield’s own Dan Auerbach produced album (dude as a type), among others. The album is breezy fun, nothing too deep and I don’t know how long it will stick with me, but I like the edge to Nikki’s voice and really love the title track.