Brocade Home

What are your thoughts on Brocade Home? Resoration Hardwares offshoot had a lot of buzz of excitement before it came out, but once the catalogs hit mailboxes, the buzz faded quickly to barely a hum. A lot people feel it’s too over the top, do people really decorate their entire homes with this stuff? I say heck no, but a few pieces added to a simple modern home? Heck yes. The latest catalog came in my mail yesterday and the 2 things I wish I had money for are the Tufted Bucket Chair ($599):

and one of these white Baroque-style mirrors ($399-599) would look great against a brick wall:

(in white, no silver for the love of god)

But ouch, that’s a lot of cash to drop for something that I might not love in a year.

Check out the whole catalog here:
Unfortunetly there’s no online ordering, just by phone.