felty finds

I’ve been seeing and dreaming of felt everywhere! I love the way people are using industrial (super thick) felt these days. A few of my favorite items below are bags and sliding doors. The felt bag from Josh Akus is amazing! I love the way it unfolds to a flat shape. Also, check out the link as it shows an animation of it unfolding!

I also really love the Carga bags, which are more of a masculine messenger style. The leather and rivet details compliment the industrial felt nicely.

I recently purchased a felt necklace similar to the one from moda muse, and I love it! It gives an instant pop of color and makes you take yourself less seriously. I’ve been wanting to try making the felt beads , they seem really easy to make. Felt doesn’t have to be an accessory either, it can be a fully functioning door, as seen on Apartment Therapy.