Thanks for the great intro Kate!
I’m Andrea, originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I came to Seattle for design school where I met my husband, Rick, a fellow designer. We’ve made Seattle our home and intend to stay for a while; I prefer gray skies over snow. Kate and I bonded as interns, making books & scanning photos. We became fast friends, sharing our love of art and design. Not only is Kate a great friend she has a great sense of style and is a talented designer. Since our days as interns, Kate has moved to New York and we both have landed awesome design jobs. With a need to keep in contact and our love of design, it came naturally to us to send each other our findings over email or even snail mail. Since we live on opposite coasts and in different communities, it was always fun to see what the other had to share. After sending links to inspiration here and there we both realized how fun it would be to share. This blog is a home to share what we find: for me, for you.