An introduction

Welcome to the first post! I’m Kate, and this blog has been a long time in the making.
Here’s a little background on myself: I grew up in Washington state outside of Seattle and lived there almost my whole life, moved to the city after I graduated from high school, went to school for graphic design, and got an internship for a book design company, where I met the lovely and talented Andrea. I instantly loved her for her style, her talent and for being one of the nicest people on the planet. We became really great friends and then I get to go and move thousands of miles away! My job in Seattle was going nowhere, and I needed a change. So I got married to my long time photographer boyfriend Mike, and we moved to New York. What better place to move to for our artistic fields? New York was good to me immediately, and I landed a job as a graphic designer for a bedding company.
Andrea and I kept emailing each other things we loved back and forth to the point that one day I thought, why not put this online for everyone else to see? Inspired greatly by port2port and design*sponge, our goal here is to share with each other and the rest of you reading things that we love and inspire us! Not just limited to things for the home, but any little thing that we see that’s inspiring or that we covet. We’re both graphic designers, so we both take inspiration from pretty much everything around us for not only our work, but our homes and personal fashion.

We hope you love it, and I’ll let Andrea introduce herself.
So here we go- for me, for you.