When it comes to graphic design inspiration from magazines, I turn to the usuals: Print (my favorite), Communication Arts (pretty conservative, but a the good old standard), the occasional How (sometimes good, sometimes bad) but lately I’ve been needing something new for inspiration. Books on graphic design rarely work for me because they become outdated so quickly, so I usually look at magazines for ideas. While at Barnes & Noble during the summer, I discovered just what I was looking for: Swindle Magazine.

Not for everyone, it’s self described as “More than just reporting on culture, SWINDLE is dedicated to influencing culture through content unlike anything else on newsstands. SWINDLE fills a void for readers who desire a well-balanced periodical, one that is sophisticated but not too serious, intelligent and whimsical, progressive yet timeless, all at once. As both a product of the times and a documentation of them, SWINDLE manages to stay modern and culturally relevant without falling into the endless recycling bin of trendiness.”

There’s rarely a drop of white space on the pages, it’s exploding with color and pattern, a lot of urban-graffiti-style design (the whole magazine is heavily graffiti art influenced), even the ads are cool! Bonus: if you subscribe, you get your issues in hardcover. They know the way to this girls heart.

Click here for subscription information and where you can find it:Swindle