Back in Action

Andrea and I have decided to give this blog a go again. I really skipped out on it due to my stressful job, huge life changing stressfulness going on, and not having a computer for a while. I also moved into a tiny room with roommates and couldn’t have cared less about home products, or really buying anything for that matter. Now I have my own apartment with a wonderful guy who actually cares A LOT about what it looks like and taking care of it (gasp!), a very less stressful job, and my nesting instincts are kicking back in.
Andrea bought and moved into a house not too terribly long ago (I know, she’s such a grown up like that) and got a sweet little puppy, so obviously her life hasn’t been exactly stressfree and full of freetime.

So we’ve missed this place. So here we are again. Hello!