Girly moment

Ok I just have to share this amazingness with you ladies..and even guys if you’ve got a little metrosexual in you, which seems to be going the way of the buffalo but oh well.
I went to this event the other day as it was right under my work and they were giving out loads of free samples. Loads. They gave you a little gift bag and then literally shoveled a scoop of samples into the bag. Then you’re supposed to walk around and learn about the products and ooh and ahh at Tori Spelling hanging out with 3 inches of make up and a plastic smile on her face and be on your way. But instead I grabbed the loot and cut out of there. Most of the stuff I got was kind of lame, some of the girls at my work scored big with bottles of things, but all my samples seemed to be these tiny one-time-use tubes that were pointless.

BUT! The best thing ever that I got was this stuff called DuWop Hands2Hair Creme. It’s basically hair creme that makes your hair soft and puts little fly-aways in their place and the best thing of all? Instead of washing the creme off your hands, you just rub it in because its also moisturizer for your hands! Seriously the most brillant idea ever. It works like a charm, as I have a serious fly-away problem, and it makes your hands and hair so soft.

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