Thanksgiving goodbye

Ok guys, so before I sign off for the next 4 days of holiday overindulgence bliss, here’s some things to check out, sans photos because I’m much too swamped to deal with that poo right now!

Polyvore: awesome site where you can make your own stylist inspiration boards! I don’t fancy myself talented to do such things, but the best thing about it is the links to each piece used and where to buy. It’s like a shopping site showing you how to put it all together. I’m smitten.

Marc Cinq-Mars: Really, really amazing artist who updates his blog rather often. My favorite is Ribbon I. Swoon.

August Rush: The chick flick sob fest I’ve been waiting for, whos cast happens to include one of my most influential friends from my past in my life, the talented and lovely Bonnie McKee, who plays Keri Russell’s bff. I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to grab my chick flick partner in crime, Lauren, and some tissues and watch this next week.

and last but not least, a new flickr fave: larajade

Have a fantastic thanksgiving everyone, and cheers to anyone else sitting out on eating a poor little turkey:)