We Feel Fine

This is the craziest website I have to share with you. It’s nothing new but I finally had a chance to sit down and look through it to witness the insanity.
WeFeelFine.org scans the web for posts that include the words “I feel” or “I’m feeling” and then posts the sentence of what that person is feeling on the site. If there’s a photo in the post that’s linked too. It’s all presented in a crazy applet with little bubbles floating around that you click and I could go on in depth on how crazy this thing is, but I won’t bore you, just go look.

This also directly cooincides with my 1 month break from social networking sites to better my in person and on phone interaction skills. It’s crazy how much we interact and confide electronically and hardly have human interaction with friends sometimes. This of course does not include this blog, however I’m so long past due to call a certain Andrea Jean to catch up.