Latest Obsession: Octopi..Octopuses..Octopodes..

My obsession with the sea and all it holds has led to a new obsession: the octopus. Not only do they kick ass underwater, I think they’re an amazing element in art and design. I’ve been dreaming up a sea-themed tattoo for a while now, and the octopus will definitely have to be included.

Though the NY Times said in an article about crafters that the octopus was going to be the next swallow/bird trend quite a while ago, I don’t think the octopus has quite hit hard yet, as it was difficult to pull up quality octopus items. Here’s my best go at it.

Jen Corace @ Giant Robot

NYPL Digital Library

Dermond Peterson Octopus Pillow (buy, ugh sadly expensive)

wallpaper by time to go home

pulp print by veronicapres @ etsy

pitcher by dovetail @ etsy

My search would extend if it werent for my insane work week and how absolutely tired I am! Sorry for my lack of posts, hope this sort of makes up for it? I have a calendar guide halfway done, so maybe this weekend that will finally come about. Oi vey, tis the season for stress!