coin purse

I think that coin purses are slightly unfunctional, at least for me, due to the sea of chaos that is my purse and my need for one big wallet that holds it all. But that doesn’t stop me from being tempted by them! I actually had a Hayden-Harnett coin purse in my hand, in line, during christmas time at Anthropologie but I had to give it up because the line was so atrocious. It was even on sale. How different my purse would be today..

Hayden-Harnett Capri Coin Purse

Also: I can’t help but think of the SNL “coin slot cream” commercial when I type the word coin purse. I hope you’ve all seen it, because nbc took all their youtube videos off and put them on hulu. (which I reccomend if you don’t have a tv and want to watch tv, btw)

AND, there are some weird loading issues going on today on the blog. I apologize.