Friday Quick Posts

I’m going to try to post a few things this weekend since I had to totally neglect the blog this week AND Miss Andrea Jean is on a fabulous Southern vacation right now. BUT in the meantime, here’s some quick links to check out.

Yes Style: Asian online retailer you will bow to. You know how you see cute Japanese girls on the street and you wonder where the hell they get these freaking awesome clothes? Well, here’s you’re in. SUPER cheap and probably not the most fantastic quality, but did I mention cute, asian and cheap? Downside is everything is one size fits all, so I guess that means asian size. (aka, small)

Bjorn Copeland Interview on Fecal Face: Hot damn I love his work, I’ll have to check it out the show in the Spring.

The Mid-Century, Modern Interiors Flickr Pool: I love flickr pools, and here’s some eye candy for you. Some misses, but also some good hits.

chainchainchained etsy shop I want them all. Super affordable and interesting pieces.

thats all folks, have a lovely weekend!

my ring in the picture is from the carrot box