A little help from my friends?

I need your help friends! Perhaps Andrea will have all the answers, but you never know. I finally took a trip to Chinatown to get a little jade plant to sit on my desk:

His name is Roger, by the way. You must name your plants, I think it makes you take better care of them. Though, tip: I used to have a plant named Margaret Thatcher and I killed her, so I guess its better to not name them after prime ministers.

Um, anyway. Roger is currently in the ugly plastic holder he came in and this must change! But a Sunday trip to every place ever left me empty handed. Perhaps its just ridiculously difficult to find pots for plants in the concrete jungle?
One thing that’s a must is that jade plants have to have drain holes so I can’t just buy a cute cup because my drilling skills scare me. Another thing to note is that I’m aware of how great of a selection Ikea has, but Ikea is an hour drive away and paying $50 to rent a car is not worth a plant pot. Also I’m leaning towards white, something kind of Jonathan Adler-ish. I don’t want something my grandma would use, you know? Nothing cutesey. Modern and simple. Hell, I can’t even find just a steamlined white pot. Oh and size! It’s roughly 4″ wide across. It’s 3″ tall, but I can just add more dirt because tall is cute too.

Ok, let’s hear it kids. I need you. Roger needs you.

Perhaps this will also encourage more comments because we get about 200 hits a day here at For Me, For You and only 3 people regularly comment. Knowing this makes me comment more on other people’s blogs. Show some love kids, show some love.

Ok, its time for me to stop rambling.