stuff 2008


Every year, around this time, I realize how much stuff I’ve accumulated. When I first moved to Seattle to go to college, I had two large bags, that was it. I soon bought a futon so I could sleep a little more comfortably. I didn’t accumulate too much while in school because my home was always small and I was busy creating constantly. There was just no time to buy stuff. Every year since then I try to buy less, and to do without. It is SO much harder than it sounds. Even though I’m in the industry, I am constantly swayed by good design and advertising. Just today I read this great article by Paul Graham posted by the lovely and talented swissmiss, and am SO inspired to aquire less and make more in 2008.

Here’s a bit I found interesting:
“Another way to resist acquiring stuff is to think of the overall cost of owning it. The purchase price is just the beginning. You’re going to have to think about that thing for years—perhaps for the rest of your life. Every thing you own takes energy away from you.”

In addition to this article I found this video (pictured above) fascinating and important, via swissmiss.