Welcome to my addiction

Yesterday the internet was down at work which proved to be really effing boring and be a very productive outcome for me. You all entertain me way too much with your blogs.

I wanted to share some recent buys of mine and since I can’t find the products online I took some photos. I always love when I get to see what my fellow bloggers look like anyway.

First up: One of my new years resolutions was to stop buying so much h&m because its so shitty and addicting to buy disposable fashion. I’ve been very good at cutting back…because I’ve replaced it with Uniqlo. But! Uniqlo is better quality and so damn great!

The sweater and the jeans are Uniqlo. The shoes, which have only left the house once for a party because they’re SO uncomfortable, are Nine West. Black jeans were really popular last year and I never really got into them, but I think they look really chic this year for some reason. I think you just have to pair them with soft sweaters and stay away from sneakers while you’re wearing them to not make them appear so harsh.

Here’s a detail shot of the sweater knit, which is cotton-cashmere and super soft:

Next up is actually some h&m. It looks like a sweatshirt, but its actually knit. I don’t love the buttons, so I might replace them.

Uniqlo jeans (I love how they’re straight leg with a tiny little boot cut). Vintage shoes.
**The ridiculous look on my face was my accident. I don’t make pouty faces like that for just anyone.

Alternate way to wear the sweater:

And now I’ll take a break from buying things for a while:)