Etsy Find of the Day: Succulent

I’m constantly amazed by the type of things people sell on Etsy that had never crossed my mind before as a possibility. Started as a store to sell all things handmade, the purpose of the site has changed durings its incredibly fast growth spurt and poses the question of what falls under that purpose. The change and growth is what some could consider great, and some could consider bad. I feel that for the most part it’s amazing because the world is introduced to small artists and retailers they never would have found before. I think it’s one of the greatest things to happen on the internet in a long time.

Today I found something I’d never seen: plants. More specifically, my all time favorite: succulents. These guys are not only beautiful and unique but ridiculously easy to take care of as long as you give them lots of sunlight. Succulent sells a few different kinds and make the most fantastic gift to send to someone. Screw expensive flowers (RIP Martha Stewart Flowers) that die after a week, send someone a plant! I can usually find succulents for cheaper in Chinatown, but these are way prettier and let’s face it, most of us are too lazy to wrap a plant up and ship it to someone. And bonus my friends: “If for any reason your plant perishes in the first year, I ask that you ship the vessel back to me. Upon receipt, I will ship you another succulent for FREE”. How awesome is that?

And on that note, I present to you my new burro’s tail succulent, Beatrice.