Feminist Art, Shoes, and Seattle

A few random things:

– If you’re in the New York area between now and May, I highly highly recommend that you check out PS1’s current exhibition: WACK!: Art and the Feminist Revolution. My friend Elise and I went on Saturday and we were there for 3 hours! PS1 is hands down my favorite place to look at art in New York. Its never crowded, its in an old school building, the art is always fantastic, and its super cheap.

– I went to Old Navy on Monday to buy those shoes and I had totally waited too long because they were all out of size 9 in every color. (yes, I have disproportionately large feet for my barely 5’3″ frame) BUT! Today I went back crossing my fingers and not only did they have my size in the exact color I wanted, but they were 10 bucks off. I ended up getting the wedges instead of the sandals because they seemed comfier. Ching!

Then I went to Cosi and got a sandwich and realized I was having a suburban moment. Sometimes you want shitty chain food and shitty chain clothes, ok?

– I’m going to Seattle in April! Andrea and I will be sure to take a fabulous for me, for you portrait. Maybe we’ll even be high tech with my flip camera and make a video post.

I leave you with a picture of Roger, who has grown a lot lately and is an example of me saying I’ll do things and I never get around to it (um, his shitty plastic container still has not been replaced)