Gap Design Editions: waking me up from my waking nap

I don’t have a picture for this post, so here’s a happy warm picture to sum up my Sunday half spent in bed.

I had an action-packed weekend full of too many dumplings in Chinatown, just the right amount of tequila, pumpkin pie ice cream, and watching the sun come up from the ER. I am so tired and disoriented that you know if something gets me excited this morning, it must be good:

Next month, Gap will be bringing back its Gap Design Editions limited edition program, having enlisted 3.1 Phillip Lim, Band of Outsiders, Michael Bastian, Philip Crangi and Threeasfour for the program’s second round.

-WWD (you have to be a subscriber to read the article, so just google that shiz and read all the people buzzing)

Phillip, please don’t disappoint me like Marimekko did. I’m much too excited for you to crush my dreams of your designs at an affordable price.

Note: all links of my weekend links are provided as reccomendations, with the exception of the Not Reccomended: climbing fences and not answering your begging neighbors when they buzz you awake in the night. Thanks, jerks.