i sometimes wear my heart on the outside

Yesterday, I received sad news that my grandmother had passed away. She will be terribly missed. I spent so much time with her when I was young and those are my best memories of her. I felt it appropriate that I post about her here because she was one of my greatest inspirations. She was incredibly talented and I owe many of my early creative moments to her.

I couldn’t sleep last night as all of my fondest memories with her poured in quite vividly. I had to write them down to see them all in one place:

I remember you calling him Jimmy, like you always must have, but to me he was just Dad.
I remember drinking 7up and eating deli meat which had it’s own drawer
I remember being amazed and enchanted by Bob Ross, which I still enjoy watching
I remember birds doing somersaults in your bird bath
I remember us losing track of time crafting and watching jeopardy
I remember sifting through your craft magazines pondering what to make next
I remember wondering if I’d ever be able to quilt or sew as well as you
I remember you trying to convince my dad to vote democratic
I remember your big hugs and even bigger pies
My mom still uses your recipe for pie crust, it’s still the best
I remember sitting and chatting on the porch at dusk
I remember discovering nests in your bird houses
I remember the squash you planted in tractor tires
I remember the blackberry bushes with so many more thorns than berries
I remember you teaching me to paint with oils, for the first time
I remember feeling so proud to know you.