Keep on searching

I recently started walking to and from work because I hate the subway like the plague. I get intensely clausterphobic, people are always in the worst moods while on the train and throw out all standards of courtesy and kindness, and it’s gross. Therefore my 2 mile walk has made my shoe choices slim and I usually walk to work in my asics and change out of them when I get to work. But today I was thinking how nice it would be to have cute comfortable shoes! What a concept. There’s no time better for that than spring, when I don’t have to worry as much about my feet freezing or snow falling.
This has lead to my obsession with finding a grey pair of Keep shoes. I want the hightop ones, but he low top pair is pretty cute too. They must be in between seasons right now because their website is slim on bigfoot sizes and all the retailers they claim carry them that are in the LES by me do not.

It is a quest. It shall continue.