Life-long Obsession

It’s so gross and gloomy here in the city the last two days. It makes me want to curl up in bed and call in sick! So sorry if I’m feeling uninspired lately.

So, this post is about a little obsession of mine: containers. Growing up my dad collected little boxes. I don’t know exactly what his facination with them was but he had a lot, mostly wooden, but he’d also keep little tins like altoid containers and use them for everything. He’s a crafty guy that I owe almost every ounce of my creativity to, and I guess his love for those things rubbed off on me. Yesterday I was thinking about how I wanted to share with you all these little holders I made out of an empty walnut can and a tiny paint can that I covered in oragami paper when I realized I have SO many little containers. I’m obsessed.
So here they are, and no, this is not all of them. Just my favorites.

clockwise from top left: the containers I covered in oragami paper. The littler one was an empty can that some walnuts I bought were in, and the little paint can is from the container store. — clear acrylic container for my book binding supplies — japanese tray from some little store in Seattle that holds random things like these little oragami squares I use for notes — the lid to a mailing tube I use for things like glue and notebooks I keep under my desk — a little container I’ve had since I was a kid that I keep a shell from the Washington shore in to remind me of home — sake jars for our toothbrushes and a sake cup for our toothpaste — sushi plate for my earrings and rings — little paper dish a coworker got me in Japan that holds my hair stuff in the bathroom — glass tray for change I got at the Whitney — Helvetica case that holds my micron pens (xmas present from Billy)

So that my friends is my life long obsession.