My brain is mush from a rather terrible weekend so I’m being super lazy about posting today. I’ve seriously saved like 10 photos of things onto my desktop of what I want to post about and then the thought of resizing them and uploading them to flickr, linking them, etc just makes me eyes roll back into my head. Yeah…serious case of the mondays.

SO! Lets pretend I’m crafty today and I’ll share with you some things I’ve made lately. I’m currently really into making little side stitched books and as soon as I get my hands on some wood scraps to make a press with I’m going to finally get back into making hard cover bound books.

A little booklet I made out of a little paper bag, hand drawn cover. I like the little half-circle cut in the corner.

I made this other little booklet and wrote the word “notes” on the front and when Billy looked it he told me he wasn’t into it because it was so boring to have a notebook that said notes on it. He said my booklets should have my personality on them and reflect the weird things I put in the sketchbook I keep (its all text based drawings, like a journal but more about the type than what I have to say)
So this little guy came of that.

I experimented with this one on having a tiny gusset-spine (thats probably really bad book making terminology) rather than just being folded over like the interior pages. It works really well and I’ll probably make more like this but do something with the cover…printing or hand lettering. The interior pages are random colors.

So thats all for today and I must tell you all how excited I am to walk home today in the LIGHT! Despite daylight saving really screwing with my sleep and making me tired all day (I’m a delicate flower like that) I’m pumped about more daylight.