neat + tidy

I can be really organized if I put my mind to it, but it just doesn’t happen that often. That’s why I am a lover of (and limit myself to) closed storage. You know those pretty glass kitchen cabinets or shelves instead of upper cabinets – yeah, never going to happen over here.

So naturally, i’m impressed when others can pull off this in their own home and not just in a magazine. While perusing flickr today I found the most organized home I’ve seen in ages. Chez Larsson, located in Stockholm, Sweden has the loveliest home filled to the brim with organizational madness. I love her use of gobs of white (the swedes seem to love white interiors, and i love them for it) with pops of bright colors.

Also, I LOVE that her cat’s names are Mini and Bonus.

And now, prepare to be amazed: