Etsy Find of the Day: Argyle Whale

I’m super busy today and would like to spend my lunch break walking around in this amazing weather, so this is all for me today, unless I remember to post my white space wednesday photo when I get home later tonight.

So, I bring you my etsy pick that should have came yesterday: Argyle Whale. How cute is the pile of guinea pigs? And my favorite is the story of what is going on with the nom nom nom drawing: her bunnies ate part of the paper. I smile because whenever Billy and I see animals eating something and we think it’s funny we saw in unison “num num num!” because when you’re in a serious relationship you adopt really retarded embarassing phrases and inside jokes that embarass your friends and cause people to roll their eyes at you for being so disgustingly cute. If you and your significant other don’t have anything like that you’re probably not truly in love. Sorry to be the one to tell you that.