Etsy Find of the Day: Chigal

Sadly my bad vision is starting to plummet towards it’s death to the point that I have to get glasses again. I used to wear them in Seattle for driving, but haven’t touched them in the near-3 years I’ve lived in New York because I drive a car about as often as I floss my teeth.
But I’m so blaaahh about everything out there. A friend of mine (actually, Erika from Au Revoir Simone- have I mentioned how obsessed I am?) got these fucking adorable vintage glasses and had an optometrist fit lenses for her. So I went trolling around my old friend Etsy and found a pretty awesome store with rad vintage glasses, Chigal. And if you’re not vision-challenged, they have a few really hot vintage sunglasses. Something else to note is that they have really great photos of all the glasses, something that a lot of etsy store lack in that makes a huge difference!