Etsy Find of the Day: erinmriley

This week is turning out to be innnsane due to me leaving for Seattle on Friday on what shaped up to be the busiest time ever to take a damn vacation. So posts may be scarce for a week. And then posting in Seattle will be near impossible unti I’m to my dads house next week.

So anyway! Here’s my etsy pick friends.

I’m really into ikat and native prints right now. I’m on a hunt for an affordable ikat print dress and I’m a little surprised that Forever 21 or H&M hasn’t knocked anyone off yet on that trend. But I do love these ikat print scarves in Erin M Riley’s etsy store. Handwoven and hand dyed, they’re perfect for these last few months of randomly chilly weather in Spring and they’re so so so beautiful. They’re not the best photos, but you get the picture.