A case of the Mondays, #287

Hello, friends. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I sure as hell did. But I guess all good weekends that you want to never end lead to an inevitable bad Monday morning, eh? Ok, maybe that’s just me. Somehow I thought wearing marigold tights with a loud patterned summer dress was a good idea, and halfway into my walk to work I realized that not only was it a bad idea, but I had to get them off my legs RIGHT THEN or I’d die of embarrassment of my allergy medicine induced insanity. I of course held off until I could dash into the bathroom at work, but now my not-ready-for-the-light legs are naked, scared and…effing freezing. A brilliant sun has given way to dark clouds outside, mocking my bare legs. Now I wonder if my legs look more ridiculous than they did in my marigold tights.

I tell you this story because writing my boyfriend a long whining email will result in either A. a reply that has absolutely nothing to do with what my email said, probably something about what he’s eating for lunch or what the dog at his work is doing or B. a reply that says “life is tough toots”. Hense telling all of you, dear readers, because you are a largely women who are probably like me and like hearing that you are not the only idiot who leaves the house in ugly tights or weather-inappropriate attire.

Luckily I’m feasting my eyes and wallet on this site full of vintage Etienne Aigner bags. Nothing warms me up like a nice cup of coffee Etienne Aigner.

Photo of Billy and Tom treading in some wheat in Stephano Arienti’s great installation at the Lehmann Maupin gallery.