Etsy Love

I think getting a package from an etsy seller is my favorite thing on earth. It’s the most fantastic experience to get such a personal thing that reminds you they’re a real person. Cutest package ever from my Mid West Vintage order.

Sadly I am slightly an idiot (ok a huge idiot) and measured my waist wrong for this belt. See, the belt length has to be BIGGER than your waist size in order to buckle, not the same (duh). So this little guy has to rest on my tummy over shirts rather than on my hips because it’s totally a kids belt and only some kind of skeletor model could use this on their hips. But I think it works just fine. I’ve already been stopped 3 times by people asking where I got it.

ps. I know I missed a week of Etsy finds, but they will be back soon!