Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Hey guys, I’ve barely had a chance to do much of anything today besides deal with technical glitches and presentations at work (it’s one of those days that make me beg for this fabulous long weekend). So here’s a quicky for you.

I made these AMAZING cookies the other night from a recipe Billy cut out of NY Mag that he thought we should make. (When he does things like this it makes my heart swoon that boys actually do cute things like that) They were SO easy even I could make them! Seriously, I’m a terrible cook. When we first moved in together, Billy asked me if I knew the concept of spices being added to food so it was more edible. Yeah.

So check the recipe out here and take my word on the sweet, sweet goodness.

Also, I only work 3 hours tomorrow and have Monday off, so there’s a large chance I won’t be gracing the internet with my presence until Tuesday. If that’s the case, have a fabulous weekend! Billy and I are going to be huge yuppies and get massages on Monday, because I’m a fantastic girlfriend like that who felt it was a crime he’d never had one before.