What are you all giving your mom for mother’s day? My mom is impossible to shop for. She is not like your typical mother whatsoever (Andrea can attest to this). She likes to party. She prefers hanging out/dating people under 30 than her own age. She hates cutesy things or anything pastel. Her favorite band is Tool. She has a myspace page. I’m not entirely sure he has ever used her oven before. My mom is fierce in her very own way. I’ve started to run out of ideas on gifts because all the usual gift ideas make me laugh at the thought of giving them to her.

SO! Someone at work recently saved my life: you can gift custom itunes playlists! I’m not talking about burning your own playlist onto a cd, I mean a totally legal process of buying each song and it emails the recipient a link to the playlist to download! This is the most brilliant idea ever. It’s cheap, my mom is constantly asking me to burn her new music, and easy as pie (pie making pie, not my mom). Plus a digital mixtape is kind of adorable, no? I haven’t picked it all out yet, but it will definitely include Hot Chip, MGMT, and Au Revoir Simone (I took her to see them when she was in town last and she was smitten).

But seriously, how about you guys?