Sexy Post #2, and other things

This was the first year since I’ve lived in New York that I haven’t gone to ICFF because I don’t have a special in on getting in for free this time, and quite frankly the show overwhelms me and makes me want to run back home. Somehow I have the ability to filter through all the shit on the internet and present to you what I love, but I’m unable to do this with a physical show. I think this is a funny little thing that sums up my generation, eh? Also if you met me in real life you’d know that I am one of the shyest people that walks the planet and barely talks, but here you probably think I’m a rambling self centered person who thinks she’s pretty funny. In real life you have to get me drunk or know me for at least 6 months before I’m to the point of telling jokes outloud. The internet is my bff, is what I’m trying to say. I’d have only 1/4 of the imaginery friends I have without it!

Anyway, enough of my profound commentary on the internet.

One thing I wish I had seen at ICFF is this delicious Airia Desk by Kaiju Studios for Herman Miller. That is one damn sexy desk my friends.