yellow sunday

After much debate, I finally decided to have our danish chairs professionally re-upholstered. Our quick fix IKEA solution was just that, a quick and dirty fix. I have nothing against IKEA, I’ll use IKEA anywhere I can get away with it-and love it. Still, I knew a little thriftiness was in order, as the prior $760 upholstery job wasn’t going to cut it. I ended up finding some fantastic Knoll fabric on ebay for next to nothing: $8/yard! I also purchased my own foam at a local fabric store. While still not as cheap as the IKEA solution, I did the whole thing for $340. The best part is that I’ll be happy with them forever. Replacing furniture is not really in my future.
the break down:
foam = $100
fabric = $40
professional upholstery = $200
professional upholstery= priceless.
Ok, I couldn’t resist. In all seriousness though, having something done by a professional can make all the difference. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. And, to celebrate I made a Nilla Wafer pudding, just because it reminded me of childhood.

*yellow pillow by Martha of Uniform Studio.