3 Days of Shopping Ban Blogging

Hello friends, I hope you all had a great weekend! I feel like the last 2 weekends before this one I completely wasted it by being lazy and getting too drunk, but this weekend I finally was back to going out and seeing art, and getting things done. I saw a great show at both locations of the Deitch Projects that I highly reccommend- Os Gemeos on Wooster St (insane installation covering every inch of the gallery) and Constraction on Grand St. I didn’t get any photos because it was so packed and I was so overwhelmed, but I wish I had because it was a serious fashion show…which is good and bad. ha.

But above is another amazing piece by one of my favorite artists, Do Ho Suh at Lehmann Maupin (which is decidedly my favorite gallery) which wasn’t even the main focus of the gallery, but took my breath away.

So, this all brings me to my next point: the theme in this week’s blogging. This week I’m taking an oath to not blog about shopping. It’s a very short blogging week as I’m going upstate Thursday and Friday, but that’s good because I’m not sure I’m capable of not blogging about things you can buy for 5 whole godamn days! There are two reasons I’ve come to this decision:
1. I’m broke. I just went a little crazy lately and need to calm the hell down and have no temptations!
2. My good friend Lauren told me that my blog has influenced her spending way too much lately and seemed genuinely annoyed that she could not control herself sometimes after reading my suggestions and your comments suggestions. While a person should be responsible for their own self control, Lauren has been kicking ass on the Weight Watchers diet for months now and I’m very proud of her self control in that aspect so I’ll give the girl some slack on shopping. Plus who the heck am I to talk about self control?

So this week I bring you no mention of shopping, scout’s honor. I’ll bring you recipes (food shopping doesn’t count), art, music, and..um…inspiration! Yeah. Plus 2 days of silence. And if Andrea stops by with any shopping posts, that is just fine because I miss her posts too much to ask her to abide the ban:)