I can haz new iphone?


Steve Jobs just announced the next generation iPhone.

3G (significantly faster)
$199 for 8Gb, $299 for $16Gb
Available July 11th worldwide
Only AT&T domestically
Basically the same design but with a black plastic back with metal buttons on the edges.

It’s still not something I have extra money to blow on, but SO much more obtainable once my stupid Tmobile contact runs out.

I’m so busy at work lately I think my ass has molded to a new shape: my chair. And even if I wasn’t so busy I’d barely be posting here because it’s 100 degrees here and our a/c is broken here. At home we have a little guy in the bedroom, so I’m confined to laying on the bed pathetically sprawled out. I’m still not used to hot summers. I wilt.