Movies I Loved

This past week has been movie mania for me. Here are my suggestions:

Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine. I’d love to embed the trailer but it’s been disabled on youtube for this video (lame). So just click here. I knew zip about Louise before Billy talked me into seeing this, and now I want to see everything she’s ever made and read everything about her. Her retrospective is at the Guggenheim here as well and if you go see the film at the Film Forum your ticket stubs get you two for one admission at the museum! I can’t wait to go. This film was well worth sitting in front of a crazy woman who sang along to all the French songs and a woman in front of me who talked to herself half of the film.


If you didn’t see this when it was in theaters, it just came out on dvd last week, so get on it because it’s not only a facinating history lesson on Iran, but an animated beauty. I would like to make every teenager who bitches about their life watch this (including my past me).

Nouvomondo (The Golden Door):

A breathtaking Italian film about a poor Italian farmer’s journey to America in the early 1900s, featuring everyone’s favorite girl crush, Charlotte Gainsbourg. This is the first time I’ve watched a movie by myself in a long time, and I think it was perfect for that because it’s very slow and subtle so paying close attention and being able to cry without feeling like a wimp is key. The last scene floored me, as did the many things I learned about immigration back then that I never knew.