Occasionally I blog about things other than sandals..but not today

As much as I wanted the Matt Bernson sandals at Bird the minute I talked myself into them they were sold out in my size. I was hanging out with some friends on Friday and a friend of a friend was wearing them, like some sort of hilarious tease. I said “are those Matt Bernson sandals?” and she looked at me, slightly puzzled and said, “oh I don’t know….”. She reached down and pulled her sandal to her face to peer onto the insole and said, “Wow, yes they are, how the hell did you know that?”
Then everyone looked at me- the girls like, “oh you know your fashion, girl” and the boys like, “billy, your girlfriend has a shopping problem, huh?”

So that tangent leads me to the sandals I bought instead, that were half the price and are hot hot hot. I wore them all 2 miles home and they were heavenly comfortable. The gold front makes them spectacularly interesting, and if you aren’t into a brown sandal they come in black. It was very hard for me to decide which color to get, I wish it wouldn’t be ridiculous of me to own both colors.

$50 at Urban Outfitters
, who I swore I wouldn’t buy sandals from again, but these were not there cheap, hung on the hangers all over the store kind. I can instantly tell they are of higher quality and comfort.

And that, my friends, was the longest story about a pair of shoes ever documented at For Me, For You. Maybe.

my favorite duvet cover ever by dwellstudio