Margot, originally uploaded by Doxiementary.

Doxiementary is the best flickr page ever. EVER. The cuteness knocks me over everytime.

Anyway. Here are some random things from my week.

1. yesterday I woke up to 10 bug bites all over my feet, my feet look awful.

2. I have spilled something on myself every day this week. The woman who’s office is across from the kitchen at work swears she hasn’t witnessed this, but I told her she didn’t have to be nice, I know she thinks I’m a jackass. This includes soup, creamer, coffee, ice, cereal, and orange juice.

3. I started eating meat again (well, no red meat, I’m not planning on venturing into that) for the first time in 6 years. (with the exception of eating fish for a year and half) I forgot how mexican food could be so good. And sandwiches. And soup. And pizza.

4. Monday I will be launching something very exciting for the love of my life.