Renegade Sadness

I’m quite sad I missed the Renegade Craft Fair over the weekend. I had some crazy idea in my head that it wasn’t worth the trek to Williamsburg (how can a place be so close to me yet so impossible to get to?) but after seeing the coverage over at Design*Sponge a tear rolls down my face presently. This is almost as bad as missing the A.P.C blow-out sale a month ago that a coworker told me was incredible. Saturday I was trying to get a tan at the beach and sometimes I just curl up into a blob on the weekend (um, Sunday), and I was banished to the apartment designing something (that I’ll show you later today) for Billy so I’ll just use that excuse.

So anyway, as much as I’m almost to the point of puking at the sight of mustache-things, I secretly still love them to death and am smitten with this moustache key holder by Ben Floeter. I would probably use it for necklaces because I only own one set of keys and if I don’t put them in my purse I will forget them.