William Steinman

I’m ridiculously excited to finally share with you the work of the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with, Mr. William Steinman. His work is finally done being photographed, and after a day of being banished to my computer until it was done, we’re launching his portfolio site at WilliamSteinman.com. Shown here are my 3 favorite pieces. Because I didn’t want to butcher the mans thoughts on his work with my own words, I told him to share them with you himself:

“I make work about advertising I find in 1980’s circa comic books. It began with finding and altering comic book ads I would remember as a kid. Then moving away from painting and more into collage and printmaking, I began working more specifically in two areas.

One with photographed faces of men in sunglasses. Odd when you first hear it, but it became very obvious to me right away in my searching, that i would be able to find many images of the style. These male gazes invoking a sense of paranoia and at the same time changes each appropriated image.

The other series, The Red works are all collages of red muscle, skin and hair for comic book super heros. I chose this banal part of each super hero for its exaggeration when blown up and for the way the illustrator always paid less attention to its details.

I live in the Lower East Side and i am in love with Kathleen Miss.”

All the little final details of the site will be done later this week, but I was much too excited to wait until then! Check out the work on the site, because flickr kind of butchered the color in these babies.