Almond Butter and such

I made this wild rice recipe the other night and it turned out really, really weird. I mean, it was edible but the whole time we ate it all I could think about was how it reminded me of something I would have ate when I was in my hippie phase in college. Bland and oh-so-chewy. Lots of chewing involved.

But! What I did get out of the recipe was a jar of almond butter, which I decided made peanut butter seem like the red headed step child of spreads. I’m not really that into peanut butter, but this- Oh god it’s delicious! A bit thicker and a little harder to spread (this could just be because I’m used to JIF and this was all-natural unstirred stuff which in peanut butter form makes me gag.) It’s pricey but I can’t seeing myself eat it that often.

In other news, this article about people buying monkeys as their kids (“monkids”) makes my stomach turn with sadness.

I’m looking forward to seeing The Wackness.

And, I bid you farewell and I’ll be back Monday where I explode all over this blog from holding in shopping posts. I’m looking forward to not touching the internet for at least 48 hours.