cupcakes that rule and why I have a sugar problem

super mario cupcakes 2, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

I’ve been feeling rather out of it today and have had ZIP to post about, thank god my friend Lauren emailed me a gem.

I would like to start this post with a confession: I have a sweet-tooth that is rather embarassingly large. I have to eat some kind of dessert-type thing after I eat a meal. I have to. HAVE TO. Because I’m apparently building a case to put my mother in jail for bad parenting*, I give you exhibit A of why I have a sweet tooth. (I can’t actually show you exhibit A because I can’t find the photo right now, but it exists somewhere because Micah needed real proof at one point so I took a picture). You know those 3-tiered hanging fruit baskets that normal people put things like bananas, apples, oranges, etc in? Well, that would just not make sense for my mother. Our basket was full of CANDY. A FRUIT basket full of CANDY. All 3 tiers. I’ll post the photo later if I find it.

And that is just one example of why I have a bad, bad addiction to all things sugary.

Naomi makes cupcakes that are so fantastic, I would feel bad eating them. For like…3 minutes and then I would dive right in because I LOVE CUPCAKES. Obviously. I’m torn on which are my favorite, but the Super Mario Bros 2 is probably right at the top because that’s my favorite Mario game. Clearly due to the fact that you can be the princess and fly around a bit, kicking some serious butt.

*My mother is actually a wonderful person who only let us eat whatever the hell we wanted as kids because she vowed to never make her child eat anything they didn’t want to eat, like her father did. Please do not call CPS on her, she has no children in her care anymore and claims to not even eat candy anymore.