Fabric Necklaces

My boss has a new assistant at work who has the most fantastic fashion sense and a wardrobe that strikes jealousy in my heart, so when I saw her wearing this amazing fabric necklace the other day, I thought I hate you, jerk. But no matter how hard I try to hate her, she’s just too damn nice and awesome, so I’ll just be jealous of her… though she would probably laugh at that while my boss calls her from London at 6:30 with flight changes and some incredible needle in the haystack chore. Yes, New York assistants do live the life you think they do.

Anyway, I came across these fabric necklaces in fabric farrago’s etsy shop that reminded me just of hers. They’re classy, fun and affordable. She also makes the cutest fabric thumbtacks that I have no idea what on earth I’d do with but must have.