Fall is for Me

I’m totally ready for Fall in many, many ways. I’m kind of like this with lots of things in life. My parents did not instill a very strong…well, in the words of Garth “live in the now” way of thinking in me. I like to think about tomorrow and how things will be better if x just comes along. But before I get all philosophical I think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE in the blogging community is getting excited about fall fashion.

I’m so excited to wear gray again and not feel like a little cloud in the sunshine, plaid flannel (hey, I’m from Seattle, it’s in my blood), capes (I want a cape/poncho badly, I failed to find a good one last winter), boots, penny loafers (love this coming back!), and PANTS. God damn I wore pants today and tore them off in hot sweaty rage the minute I got home tonight. I’m not meant for summer weather for very long. How I ended up with a boy from Arizona is beyond me. Could we be from any more opposite climates?

Urban Outfitters is serving up a sweet “Ivy League” look I’m all about (here & here). I want to rock this look with some penny loafers and my nerd glasses that come soon.