A few things

I just spent almost 4 hours without a computer at work due to the wonderful world of who the hell knows what was wrong but it just wasn’t effing working and then our IT guy swooped in and saved me from my hell. SO! Today you just get a quick list of goodness as I’m up to my ears right now.

1. I’m incredibly intrigued by the trailer for the new Terminator: Salvation movie. I know, Terminator. BUT! It stars Christian Bale and the teaser-trailer is giving me a Children of Men vibe that I did. If Christian took part in the revitalizing of Batman, couldn’t he be a part of revitalizing Terminator? It’s possible. Watch it here.

2. Speaking of Batman, while I’m really excited to see The Dark Knight, what takes higher priority in my movie life right now is Friday’s opening of the new X-Files movie. I saw every single episode pre-David Duchovny’s exit from the show (not worth watching afterwards), and could not be more excited to see what happens. The plot has been so hush-hush that Chris Carter said in an interview that the plot on imdb is fake! Trailer is here.

Now before you all slowly back away from your computers, thinking to yourself that you were not quite aware of just how big of a nerd I am, I’ll tell you this:

3. The Selby has 3 new amazing apartments up.

4. This just came in the mail and it is everything I thought it would be and more. Photo to come later.

5. You can watch Xanadu for free on Hulu.com. You really only need to watch the first 15 minutes to get the gist of it’s amazingness (the muses coming to life from the mural in all their neon-glow glory?!), after watching Logan’s Run on Saturday, I was hankering for some more ’70s cheese. I got more than I bargained for. If you throw up in your mouth a little bit while watching it, I cannot be held responsible. If you’re in the company of others just be classy and swallow it, then act like nothing happened.

See you tomorrow friends.