the first year: some progress

It’s been nearly a year since we bought our house, and I’m still in
love with it. While we haven’t done any major changes, It definitely
needed some freshening up. The previous owners were a very sweet old
couple who had lived there since the house was built in 1945! They
took tremendous care of it, but it was, well, like a grandma’s house.
Things we attended to right away where the ancient carpet with great
oak hardwoods underneath, popcorn ceilings, and a lovely 80’s dining
room pendant. The list goes on of things we’ll eventually change. But
for now, since I always love a before and after, I thought I’d share
some of the changes our house has been through over the past year.

We just took off the screen door and painted the door yellow today! The new house numbers were put up a few weeks ago as well. We’re trying to modernize our 40’s house.

A new light fixture here was done pretty much immediately, as well as refinishing the hardwoods.

Look at all that carpet, it was old and gross and a pain in the butt to haul out.

ah, progress!