Reader Question: Flying

mia flies, originally uploaded by ccandumplins.

Dear Readers, because you are all such intelligent people with great advice and things to say, I need some words of wisdom. Someone very close to me is deathly afraid of flying (on airplanes, duh). They used to fly all the time, but in the past few years a fear suddenly struck straight into their heart. I kind of know how this feels because growing up I was not afraid of heights whatsoever, but around the age of 18 I suddenly became terrified of heights, something that makes things like roof parties not so great for me. I don’t know how this works, but I suppose there is some part of you that becomes more fearless as you age, and some part of you that gains fear…maybe due to your ignorance about the world/harshness of reality fading? I don’t know, but bottom line is that it’s a semi-new fear that can’t be solved by simply getting drunk before a flight.

So, are any of you afraid of flying? If so, why? If not, why not? I am not a fan of flying because I feel that if something goes wrong, it usually goes REALLY wrong, but I do it because I’m comforted by the low-danger statistics. You have a higher chance of dying in a car crash than a plane crash, I know, I know. But that isn’t enough comfort for some people. Or should it be?

So what comforts you? What are you words of advice, and if you too are afraid, what do you do to get yourself on a plane?

I’d appreciate any comments because I tell you a secret: I’m the worst person on the planet when someone asks me for advice. I’m a very good listener but the shoulder to cry on stops there. When asked about this I froze up and thought OH SHIT IM AFRAID TOO WHY DID YOU BRING THIS UP?!

This was the longest question ever.