Rosemary’s Baby: A mid-century design feast

I finally got around to seeing Rosemary’s Baby Saturday. I didn’t have a lot of interest until seeing Chinatown a while back and putting it in the top 10 of my favorite movies, so I gave this other Polanski movie a try. While I hate hate HATE the ending, the rest of the movie is great. But the best part is the apartment, and of course, the amazing Mia Farrow (no one rocks that haircut like she did). Shot in the famous Dakota building on the upper west side, this apartment is a mid-century feast for the eyes. You have got to check it out if you haven’t. Ok, there are a few hideous pillows that were normal for the 60’s, but for the most part it’s amazing. Andrea, I thought of you the whole time. I’m an idiot and accidentally stuck the movie back in the mailbox off to Netflix land before I could get any screenshots. After an exhausting search I’m pretty empty handed on photos besides a few ok shots on this blog.

So you’ll just have to see it for youself.