Update on my cooking adventures

You may be wondering how my cooking is going. Well friends, I’ll tell you: It’s going fantastic. I feel like I’ve improved my skills by at least 50% right now, and I get SO excited to cook now! I make dinner at home almost every single night now, give or take a few nights where sushi is in order or I really need a break. I make at least one thing that’s semi-complicated a week. Here are my favorites so far, which I sadly cannot find the recipes for most online, so I’ll just describe them as best as I can.

– Sweet & Sour Salmon. (photo above) This recipe is actually for catfish, but my local Chinese grocery store offerings are a bit slim. Salmon is my favorite fish (a true northwesterner I am) so that was ok. It’s basically a thick sauce made of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, a bit of sugar and soy sauce, and the fish is cooked on the stove (I never do that). Lots of scallions, cilantro and cherry tomatoes on top, served with cous cous.

Baked Shells. I aready gave you a small update on this, it was awesome.

– Chicken with lemongrass and mushrooms. (didn’t take a photo, too busy inhaling it) A very very similar recipe as the sweet and sour fish, only it’s a stir fry and is super spicy from jalapenos. A cooking accident happened when I was cutting the jalapenos and got some juice above my eye and it burned like hell for an hour. Watch out, that shit is dangerous! I hate mushrooms but gobbled these up because the taste masked the mushroom hatred I hold deep inside.

Peanut Butter cookies : I’ve actually always been pretty good at baking, so this hardly counts as learning, but I found this recipe with the greatest tip for peanut butter cookies: Use the un-stirred natural peanut butter (creamy!) and then add in chopped salted peanuts, instead of just using crunchy peanut butter. Then add some chocolate chips, but use either the mini ones, or chop up the regular size kind so they’re not so big and distracting to the taste. Incredible.

Blackberryade– A modified version of this blackberry limeade, I made a small 4-drink batch with 1 lime and 1 lemon, sugar, and blackberries. I smashed the blackberries up, added the lime, lemon juice (saving 2 slices of lime for garnish) and sugar. Then I strained the juice over ice into 2 glasses, added a shot of vodka in each, seltzer water to fill the glass and the lime slices. Have fun getting drunk on this one, because it’s easy.

Next I want to try something harder and very different as everything I’ve been sticking to is fish and stiry fry, mostly. BUT! Tonight, I’m making these fish tacos. Yummy.