Coffee & Keller

So far this morning is pretty great. I left early and on my walk I decided that because it was pay day I’d treat myself to Starbucks. When the cashier went to hand me my receipt I started my usual “oh no thanks I don’t need…” but she stamped my receipt with something and then pressed it into my hand with a grin, “bring it back later and you’ll get that coffee for $2!”. She said it like she was telling me some amazing secret, and quite honestly at 9:30 in the morning it was probably the best thing you could have told me after forking over $4 for a latte. “Awesome” I said to her, and walked away with the same grin.

Oh shit, that’s how they get you! I hope this isn’t the beginning of an afternoon coffee addiction again. I moved away from the land of coffee to be free, and even stopped drinking the stuff for almost a year. Please, don’t let me go back to the dark side.

I’ll distract that thought with some style from Keller NY. I saw this on Daily Candy and thought that it was exactly how I’d like to dress, every day. Simple, kind of casual, with a twist.